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As the largest country in Europe by land area, Ukraine holds immense potential to become a major economic hub. Its strategic location and vast resources make it an ideal center for business development across multiple sectors. 

With a deep understanding of the local market, government and society, APCO is uniquely positioned to help businesses and institutions navigate this critical period in Ukraine’s history. 

Since Ukraine’s independence, APCO has been a steadfast partner, supporting various ministries and leaders in their journey. APCO’s engagement deepened following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as we collaborated closely with government leaders to address key issues arising from the conflict, including aiding Ukraine’s pursuit of European Union membership. 

In 2024, APCO officially established a presence in Ukraine, building on many years of dedicated work in the country. Committed to supporting both international and local companies, APCO is at the forefront of unlocking the vast opportunities in a current and post-war Ukraine. This includes aiding Ukrainian companies in expanding their international footprint and showcasing their innovative capabilities on a global scale through providing market intelligence and risk assessments tailored to the current geopolitical situation, empowering companies to make informed decisions and maintain stability in a volatile environment. 

APCO’s Kyiv team provides specialized services, including strategic advisory, communications and crisis management, to help our clients maintain their operations and protect their reputations amidst uncertainties. Our expertise includes government relations, stakeholder engagement and media relations, ensuring that businesses can effectively manage their public image and regulatory challenges. APCO is on the ground to help businesses capture and capitalize on emerging opportunities and guide them through this transformative era.  


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