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Telescope is APCO’s proprietary influencer intelligence process. Telescope uses a combination of social analytics (science) and human intelligence (art) to identify, categorize and prioritize influencers by analyzing their conversations to help our clients enhance their understanding of the issues and opportunities impacting their business outcomes.

Using our Telescope mapping process, we develop a highly curated list of priority individuals and groups currently engaged in the dialogue around the topic of interest. We assess each individual by their reach, relevance and resonance; ensuring that they have a significant number of followers, they speak and produce content around the topic of interest and their content garners a significant level of engagement from their network of followers.

To create this list, we leverage digital tools to map the ecosystem of issues and influencers, always seeking to identify the points of connectivity between individuals and groups to better understand the flow of information from the most entrenched influencers as well as to identify less obvious but impactful emerging influencers driving the dialogue.

The result of this process is a tailored influencer engagement strategy specifically designed to achieve strategic business objectives and accomplish bespoke communications goals.

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