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The coronavirus—COVID-19—is creating unprecedented social and economic upheaval globally. APCO is helping navigate the immediate crisis and mitigate the longer-term effects for businesses, communities and governments. A dedicated international team of APCO experts has developed tools to monitor, assess, communicate and respond to the outbreak, helping clients maintain business continuity and look forward with greater confidence.

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And get ideas for managing through the crisis via our blog, with new posts on working from home, preparing for coming out of the crisis, communicating with employees and much more.

Resources for prevention, management and response.

Global Economic Stimulus Support

For potentially eligible companies, it is critical to understand all of the options available and to move as efficiently as possible to apply for and receive the funds to which they are entitled, and to position themselves for relief under future stimulus pack-ages.

Building Multiplier Partnerships for Impact

Acting now on the impetus, urgency and abundant opportunity to build and shape partnerships that can multiply impact and help communities that are critical to your business can help you emerge stronger from this crisis.

Engaging Healthcare Workers Before and After COVID-19

Based upon what we’re seeing from our clients, and our experience in crisis management and employee engagement, here are three best practices to help reduce staff stress and guard against burnout.

Best Practices on Working From the Homefront

With a significant number of employees now working remotely, how can organizations ensure that their people are productive, engaged and connected? Below we share some trends and best practices.

Best Practices for Filming with a Mobile Device

As more of the world works remotely, video allows us to remain seen and heard. But when the situation calls for recording video with a mobile phone, how can you ensure you look and sound your best? Check out these tips and best practices from APCO’s creative team.


Custom Crisis Communications Simulator

Public health outbreaks are not new, but companies are still caught unprepared. In an effort to help clients better prepare for and manage a communications and business crisis around the coronavirus outbreak and disease epidemics, APCO created a dedicated emPOWER emPower simulation for corporate entities. Learn more on this page or download a one-pager here.

Keep up with the conversation.

Economic Endgame Webinar with Oxford Analytica

Watch the April 2, 2020 webinar with Oxford Analytica on the economic endgame, featuring insights on how companies can build recession resilience, respond to the stimulus and rebound stronger.

Webinar with The Economist Corporate Network – MENA region

Watch the March 19, 2020 APCO and The Economist Corporate Network webinar focused on the Middle East featuring APCO’s research and how the crisis has evolved around the world. Includes perspectives from China, Europe and the Middle East.

Webinar with Oxford Analytica

Watch the March 11, 2020 APCO and Oxford Analytica webinar featuring breaking research on public views on the outbreak.

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