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Please join us on Thursday, June 11, for a dynamic dialogue about the post-pandemic relationship between technology, governments and citizens.

We will explore pressing questions like:

  • What will citizens demand of governments and technology? And what will citizens cede to feel safe?
  • Who will pay for government spending on relief, stimulus and recovery?
  • Is a “green and inclusive recovery” feasible?
  • What role should tech play in advancing social priorities, including racial justice, and how will the industry be regulated?
  • How will tech-nationalism affect the post-COVID world?

We will also share new APCO opinion research into attitudes of US citizens towards the roles and expectations of government and technology in their lives after the pandemic.

The conference call will take place on June 11 from 12 noon – 1pm, US Eastern Time, with time for open discussion, questions and observations.

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Speakers will include:

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