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Zimin Institutes

Finding Purpose in Promoting Science and Education

APCO helped the Zimin Institutes to articulate and share our vision and achievements with international media, decision-makers and the innovation and scientific community, supporting our mission of developing scientific solutions with real-life impact. APCO did so in an authentic and compelling way that brought the Institutes’ story and purpose to life and helped us achieve greater visibility and recognition.

Mark Shmulevich

Director, Zimin Institutes

The Challenge

The Zimin Institutes is an initiative by the Zimin Foundation, a philanthropic organisation established by the renowned Russian scientist Dr. Dmitry Zimin and his son Boris, with the aim to support education and science. The Zimin Institutes support the development of scientific and technological solutions with high potential for real-world impact. In 2018, the first Zimin Institute was established at Tel Aviv University, and focuses on engineering solutions in medicine and healthcare. In 2019, the Institutes engaged APCO to raise their profile globally and further expand their international networks.

The Approach

Working with APCO Insight, the opinion research group at APCO, we analysed and mapped out the various audiences interested in the landscape of causes and topics around which the Zimin Institutes gravitate, including scientific research, education and entrepreneurship, through primary research, in-depth interviews and focus groups. Building on this research, we developed a new narrative and messaging for the Zimin Institutes, articulating clearly and compellingly the purpose, objective and activities of the organisation. In order to raise the profile of the Zimin Institutes, APCO reached out to key journalists at top tier publications and trade media with the aim of securing coverage, building relationships and positioning the Zimin Institutes as a thought leader on the development of scientific and technological solutions to real-world problems. Additionally, APCO amplified the Institutes’ activities and events by drafting and publishing press releases and posting content on social media channels.

The Results

APCO successfully raised the profile of the Zimin Institutes internationally, with articles appearing in top-tier publications such as the Times Literary Supplement and the Times of Israel, increasing its visibility and credibility with key audiences and highlighting the real-world impact of the Zimin Institutes’ scientific research and technological innovation. In order to develop thought leadership, APCO also supported the Zimin Institute’s participation in high profile conferences and international events.