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W20 Japan

Generating momentum to accelerate gender equality in G20 countries.

The Challenge: first W20 in japan

The Women’s 20 (W20) is one of the 8 official Engagement Groups of the G20 whose objective is to ensure that gender considerations are mainstreamed into G20 discussions and translated into the G20 Leaders’ Declaration as policies and commitments. These efforts are vital to ensure women’s full economic and societal participation. For the first time, the G20 was held under Japanese presidency and the W20 sought APCO’s help to generate momentum around this critical convening.

The Approach: leading a media and stakeholder engagement campaign

APCO partnered with W20 on a pro bono basis to conduct their global media relations – sharing the updates from the session with key markets and media outlets around the world – as well as helping bring together key, influential voices.

Led by APCO’s Tokyo office, APCO coordinated a global media and stakeholder engagement strategy, drawing on APCO’s global network in G20 countries. APCO’s support also included translating press releases into three languages, conducting individual pitches to priority media outlets and creating the design and content of the official briefing book distributed to all W20 committee members and international delegates.

The Results: secured input into G20 policy discussions

The W20 Summit brought together a host of global influencers and speakers, including Nobel Peace Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai, one of the keynote speakers at the event. W20 conversations also included a side event on women’s empowerment during the G20 Osaka Summit.

APCO’s media outreach secured wide-spread coverage on the discussions and raised awareness of their recommendations, resulting in the G20 Leaders’ communique featuring language on gender equality and women’s economic empowerment.