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TIER Mobility

Bringing Micromobility to new markets.

The Challenge

In 2021, TIER Mobility, the largest micromobility operator in Europe and active in 400 cities globally, approached APCO Tel Aviv for strategic guidance as the company contemplated entering the Israeli market.

The Approach

APCO compiled an in-depth report examining existing rules, stakeholder perceptions of foreign micromobility operators, and market challenges, which allowed TIER to successfully plan a strategy and approach for its local launch of operations. APCO undertook an assessment of influential policymakers at the national and municipal levels, as well as of relevant NGOs, and then connected these stakeholders to TIER and allow the micromobility company to present them its vision for Israel. To prepare for launch in Israel, APCO assisted TIER in submitting bids to several municipalities, briefed the company’s leadership on locally-unique cultural and professional conventions, and helped tailor its story and approach to resonate with Israeli partners on the ground.

The Results

APCO managed TIER’s inaugural executive visit to Israel, which led to fruitful collaborations with municipal and regulatory authorities. Thanks to APCO’s efforts, TIER Mobility launched its Israel operations in H2 2022, primarily in Tel Aviv and surrounding cities in the metro area.