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Share Our Strength

Dispelling Myths to End Childhood Hunger

From research to design to media relations, every part of APCO’s work on this project exceeded our expectations. We were so pleased with our experience that we’ve since engaged APCO for two additional projects.

Laura Seman

Senior Manager, Program Development and Evaluation Share Our Strength’s Cooking Matters®

Challenge: Many low-income American families lack the skills, knowledge and confidence to prepare healthy and affordable meals. Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry® campaign wanted to highlight the need for and benefits of its Cooking Matters® program in the fight to end childhood hunger in America.

Approach: APCO Insight® conducted opinion research to tell the story of hunger in a meaningful way through the experiences of low-income families. Using the findings, APCO collaborated with Share Our Strength to develop key messages, create a media kit, conduct media outreach and design compelling infographics to accompany media engagements.

Results: APCO’s research, It’s Dinnertime: A Report on Low-Income Families’ Efforts to Plan, Shop for, and Cook Healthy Meals, found that low-income families cook dinner at home, mostly from scratch, and believe in the importance of having healthy dinners. The report, media engagements and infographics dispelled common misconceptions and promoted Cooking Matters as an actionable solution.

Results At A Glance: 

  • Nationally representative survey of 1,500 low- and middle-income parents
  • Report coverage featured by Mark Bittman of The New York Times, Marion Nestle of New York University and USA Today’s Snapshots.