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Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club

Transforming Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club's Public Image, Saves Historic Site

APCO has a professional and forward-thinking team. With APCO’s support, we have strengthened our ties with the community, managed to stay at our current site without reprovisioning and become a much stronger organization as a whole.

Harald Dudok van Heel

Former Commodore Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club

Challenge: The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club (RHKYC) was widely, but inaccurately, perceived as an elite social club amongst various audiences in Hong Kong. When the Hong Kong government announced plans to build an access road across the club and open the waterfront to public access, the club risked losing its presence on Victoria Harbour.

Approach: APCO designed and implemented a campaign to connect with the city government, district councils, local communities, sports associations and environmental groups. The campaign positioned RHKYC as a water sports association highlighting its many contributions to the local community and the harbour’s vibrancy.

Result: RHKYC successfully revolutionized its public image and gained wide public support for its operations. The government and other stakeholders reconsidered the access road’s design and decided  to build a tunnel instead of a road, enabling the club to retain its home at the existing location.

Results At A Glance: 

  • RHKYC was able to keep its prime location
  • A tunnel was constructed instead of a road
  • RHKYC’s public image was revolutionized
  • RHKYC gained wide public support for its community contributions