Novartis Africa

Patient Outreach Campaign Reaches 200+ Million in Africa in Fight Against Malaria

Throughout our various projects with APCO, their support in strategic advice and key stakeholder outreach has always been efficient and yielded excellent results. Their professionalism and their availability have been essential in supporting our advocacy work in key African countries

Rebecca Stevens Adler

Director of Public Affairs, Malaria Initiative Novartis International AG

Novartis Africa

Challenge: A partnership between Novartis Pharma AG and Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV) resulted in the development of CoartemDispersible®, a pediatric version of the malaria treatment, Coartem ®. Novartis needed to raise awareness about the treatment, and gain support for it among key stakeholders in Africa.

Approach: APCO engaged national and regional stakeholders in discussions about this advanced pediatric treatment and its benefits to public health programs. To launch Coartem ® Dispersible, APCO designed and organized simultaneous launch events in Senegal, Tanzania and Mozambique. Public affairs programs targeting state authorities, international organizations and donors followed in a range of African countries including Mali, Benin, Uganda, Nigeria and Malawi.

Results: The Novartis-MMV team met with all of the key stakeholders in the targeted African countries to raise their awareness of Coartem ® Dispersible and its benefit as a first-line malaria treatment. This enabled more than 200 million Coartem® Dispersible treatments to be delivered to endemic countries since this campaign.

Results At A Glance:

  • 200 million+ Coartem Dispersible treatments delivered
  • Organized simultaneous launch events in  Senegal, Tanzania and Mozambique
  • Awareness of thought leaders, public health officials and stakeholders in the fight against malaria raised in a range of African countries including Mali, Benin, Uganda, Nigeria and Malawi
  • 50% of all Coartem treatments delivered in the form of Coartem Dispersible after the launch