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Elevating the Importance of Land Rights in Landesa's Fight Against Poverty

Challenge: Landesa is an international nonprofit that champions land rights as the key to a better future for the world’s poor. Its goal is to elevate the issue of land rights in the international development community and ensure it is recognized as a top-tier issue.

Approach: APCO works with Landesa’s U.S. and international staff to build and maintain what is now an extensive global media relations program, carefully nurturing relationships on the organization’s behalf with key reporters and bloggers, and positioning Landesa’s senior leaders as knowledgeable and reliable issue experts.

Results: APCO helped secure Landesa coverage in a variety of major national and international media, including in the Economist, the Wall Street Journal and the Guardian, which raised the issue and the organization’s global visibility. APCO helped Landesa connect with partners such as The Daily Beast’s Women in the World Summit, Women Deliver and Girls Not Brides.  APCO also introduced Landesa to key stakeholders at venues such as the World Economic Forum and the Clinton Global Initiative.

Results At A Glance:

  • To date, more than 100 million families around the world have gained legal rights to land
  • Coverage in NPR’s Morning Edition, Oprah Magazine, The Guardian, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal and Forbes
  • APCO’s CEO introduced Landesa to key stakeholders at the World Economic Forum and the Clinton Global Initiative