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Ingka Group | IKEA

Building Global Engagement and Advocacy on Critical Sustainability Issues

The Challenge: Urgency of pressing global issues and opportunity to mobilize new stakeholders for action

Ingka Group (the biggest IKEA franchisee) sought to connect its mission of creating a better everyday life for the many people with business investments in renewable energy and green solutions and public affairs priorities. All to highlight its sustainability commitments and catalyze further collaboration with key stakeholders from business, government, civil society and multilateral community around critical issues on the global agenda today, including climate action, circular economy, youth leadership and engagement and more.

The Approach: Bringing an inclusive approach to Davos and the UN General Assembly

APCO’s team worked for three consecutive years with Ingka Group’s public affairs team and leaders across the organization and different markets. Our team provided timely, strategic counsel to help IKEA’s leadership make bold decisions consistent with their corporate purpose on issues including support and informing company’s position on critical geo-political issues, including trade, climate, gig economy, gender equality, digital transformation and more.

APCO’s expertise in partnerships and engagement with global platforms shaped and informed the Group’s  leadership agenda, bringing to life robust programs on global stage.

At Davos 2019, we brought together leaders committed to gender equality in the workplace, jointly hosted by the CEOs of Ingka and Nasdaq. At the UN General Assembly 2019, we led collaboration with The B Team and Purpose, bringing together leading global CEOs and youth climate activists for first of its kind interactive off the record dialogue on climate action. At Davos 2020, we conceived, the first of its kind IKEA Trädhus–a unique convening space and external engagement with more than 100 global leaders, potential partners and priority stakeholders around climate, digital ethics, future of cities and innovative partnerships. The program embodied IKEA’s mission and core values and was focused on inclusion, co-creation and action.


Through Ingka Group | IKEA and APCO’s work together, we have been able to not only catalyze dozens of interactive debates, workshops and collaborations across 100+ thought leaders on sustainability, but build meaningful and fertile ground for cross sectoral collaboration–with like-minded influential leaders of today and next-generation innovators.