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Showcasing Elsevier’s capabilities through data- and analytics-driven media stories


Despite Elsevier’s new positioning as an information analytics provider, many in Japan were only familiar with the company as a traditional academic publisher. Elsevier engaged APCO to raise awareness of its transformation from a publisher of scientific print journals to a business that combines technology with high-quality data to deliver digital solutions and digital tools that help users uncover insights and trends to support the strategic research management, academic performance and institutional funding of universities and research organizations.


Historically, Japanese media tended to rely on case studies—as opposed to a data-driven approach—in its coverage of Japan’s declining research and innovation performance. The lack of evidence-based information on this issue had made it harder to generate the necessary insights for informed decisions and policy making to revitalize Japan’s science and technology (S&T) output.

Leveraging Elsevier’s core expertise in data and analytics, APCO identified and secured a series of media opportunities that resonated with the editorial agenda of The Nikkei, Japan’s largest financial newspaper, that eventually drove  a synergistic and strategic collaboration between the two companies which showcased Elsevier’s capabilities as an information analytics. The collaboration involved providing The Nikkei with evidence-based, data-driven analysis needed to explore the future of Japanese research and innovation in areas such as AI, regenerative medicine, and autonomous vehicles, which APCO facilitated and managed. 


The collaboration established Elsevier’s expertise and thought leadership, garnering a total of 20 articles including two front pagers, with additional coverage in international media. Elsevier also received sales inquiries and incremental deals from the stories. The articles promoted the practice of data journalism in Japan while also highlighting the pressing decline of S&T in Japan when benchmarked against other nations.