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Showcasing eBay's Thought Leadership

Challenge: eBay wanted to reinforce its positioning as a thought leader shaping the future of retail across Europe. Specifically eBay sought to educate large and SME retailers on the opportunities and growth that can be driven by best practice multi-screen, multi-platform or “omnichannel” retail in the UK, Germany, France and Italy.

Approach: eBay commissioned an industry-level study to understand the relationship between online and offline retail and the econometric impact of an omnichannel strategy. APCO spear-headed the media launch of the report to promote its findings to European retailers and influencers.

Results: The media campaign characterising the omnichannel opportunity was led by an exclusive interview in The Financial Times in the UK, resulting in national coverage in print and online media. Across Europe, Handelsblatt, Milana Finanza and Les Echos led the story in Germany, Italy and France respectively as part of a coordinated multi-market programme. The campaign generated new business conversations and key contacts in priority markets.

Results At A Glance: 

  • 70 percent of coverage delivered the message that online retail complements storefronts
  • Engaged 70 retailers across Europe, including John Lewis, P&G and Media-Saturn
  • 100 million impressions
  • 50 articles quoting an eBay EU leader
  • 7 million+ Twitter impressions
  • 2,500 downloads of the report and eBay’s targeted marketing materials in three weeks