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Danfoss Redefines its Reputation in North America

APCO brings strategic depth to their clients and they are truly passionate about what they do. They have been a valuable resource to ensure we embrace digital marketing solutions backed with sound metrics.

Lisa Tryson

Director, Corporate Communications & Public Relations, Danfoss


Advertising Excellence Award 2017

Advertising Excellence Award 2017

Danfoss, LLC

Readex Research


Danfoss manufactures technologies that empower the world to do more with less. As a leader in manufacturing products and providing services used in cooling food, air conditioning (HVAC), heating buildings, pioneering oil free compressors and powering mobile machinery, Danfoss needed to generate awareness of its brand and build its reputation among new and existing customers in North America as a solutions provider.


As a Danfoss strategic creative partner, APCO was tasked with shifting the company’s narrative by creating dynamic, integrated branding campaigns for many of the key industries in which it manufactures products.

Our campaign was rooted in robust research of Danfoss’ target audience, which was the basis of the messaging, outlets and search terms that we used in the digital targeting. Deliverables included high-impact banner and video digital and print ads, social media, and a range of videos that communicated the significant impact Danfoss’ products had on climate and reducing energy around the world. APCO used audience targeting technology, programmatic advertising and keyword targeting to reach Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and other target audiences to illustrate Danfoss’ wide industry expertise.

APCO also supported thought leadership activities to position Danfoss more broadly among top OEMs and system integrators. APCO devised a bespoke marketing approach that led with digital via trade publications, print ads in industry publications, trade shows, website content, marketing materials for events and thought leadership campaigns to drive efficient interest and conversion among new and existing customers with strong, relatable messaging and evidence-based case studies.


APCO was instrumental in helping Danfoss develop and implement its successful Engineering Tomorrow marketing campaign across the North American region.

The campaign metrics demonstrated real impact, including:

  • An engagement rate of 45 percent with landing pages
  • The digital ad campaign being the second highest driver of traffic to Danfoss’ website, accounting for more than 30 percent
  • An average time of more than 5 minutes spent on the website per visitor, demonstrating extremely strong engagement with the content

Research demonstrated that 49 percent of Danfoss’ target audience recalled seeing the campaign, with 90 percent of those having a good or very good impression of the content.  This campaign effectively positioned Danfoss as a leader in the industry among Tier 1 and Tier 2 OEMs as a result of marketing efforts in oil, marine and gas industries.

APCO has been a Danfoss strategic creative services communications partner since 2014 in North America and China.