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Promoting Strong Leadership in the EU


Croatia held its inaugural Presidency of the Council of the European Union at a critical moment, the first half of 2020, and engaged APCO to help ensure strategic and effective communication of its leadership through a turbulent six months.


APCO worked closely with the Croatian Permanent Representation to the European Union to guide them through some of the biggest political crises in recent memory, showcasing their leadership through a challenging time for Europe and the world. We provided strategic counsel to their leadership through numerous crises; trained the media and communications staff of the Presidency; and assisted with the drafting of messaging to ensured that their communications reinforced Croatia’s position as a valuable partner in the European project.


As the Union’s newest member, it was particularly critical for Croatia to deftly manage its reputation in such a high-pressure period. Despite coinciding with the final phase of Brexit, the COVID-19 pandemic and a global economic downturn, Croatia’s Presidency showcased the country’s strong leadership and commitment to the core principles of the EU.