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Vietnam's Government Adopts New Hepatitis-B Policy, Thanks to Bristol Myers-Squibb

APCO orchestrated a creative strategic communication and education campaign for Hepatitits B, which was extremely successful in reaching out to our target audience in the Vietnamese government.

Thomas Karalis

General Manager for East Asia Bristol Myers-Squibb

Challenge: Bristol Myers-Squibb (BMS) wanted to raise awareness of the impact of chronic Hepatitis-B (HBV) in Vietnam and proactively shape the nation’s health care policy around the disease.

Approach: APCO collaborated with BMS to develop an effective engagement strategy, prioritize stakeholders and manage media relations. Tailored messages were developed for key stakeholders that aligned with BMS’s corporate values and objectives, and a white paper was developed.

Results: BMS successfully raised awareness of HBV in Vietnam among government and health care industry stakeholders. A policy paper submitted to the Ministry of Health ultimately resulted in a comprehensive policy being issued.

Results At A Glance:

  • Succeeded in passing HBV-focused health care policy
  • Raised awareness among government and health care industry stakeholders
  • Identified channels and crafted tactics for engagement
  • Aligned the strategy with BMS’s global corporate values and objectives
  • Managed all media statements and press bureau