The Rise and Role of the Chief Integrity Officer

Complexity of issues on the global agenda today from environmental justice to gender inequality, rise of hyper-transparency, shifting generational norms, values and expectations and a new momentum in environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing that is transforming the investor-company dialogue are creating a paradigm shift. All these developments demonstrate increasing stakeholder expectations and a central role and responsibility of business as a driver of change.

Experts from the World Economic Forum Global Future Council on Transparency and Corruption, including Ethical Systems’ Alison Taylor, Trinity Business School Professors Daniel Malan and myself, published a report titled The Rise and Role of the Chief Integrity Officer: Leadership Imperatives in an ESG Driven World, taking stock of these critical changes, new thinking and solutions.

The report examines the drivers behind a new approach to governance, ways to building employee voice on ESG and integrity issues, the need to drive a more long-term thinking in business decisions, and new impact-multiplying partnerships to drive progress.

The APCO team will be hosting series of discussions on these topics over the coming months – stay tuned and get in touch with me if you would like to continue the conversation.