The Most Unpredictable French Elections for Decades

In the midst of the most unpredictable French election cycle in decades, APCO Worldwide’s Paris office organized a debate on the possible outcomes of the 2017 Presidential and Parliamentary elections. Our guest speakers, Martial Foucault, the Director of Sciences Po’s Center for French Political Research (CEVIPOF), the leading research center for French politics, and Jean-Philippe Moinet, Founder and Director of La Revue Civique, a respected journal, explained the consequences of the voters’ unprecedented indecision and how this context is shaping a new French political scene.

These two experts highlighted how the division of the French electorate could lead to an unexpected political gridlock. Burying its traditional two-bloc system, France has now four political forces (left, center, right-wing and far right) that any President-elect would have to take into account once in power. Indeed, none of the top contenders for the Presidential election in May seem poised to win a clear majority in the Parliamentary election in June, especially the favorite Independent Emmanuel Macron and far-right Marine Le Pen. Watch these two short videos to learn more about our experts’ views on how France will still manage to appoint a Government, after what will undoubtedly be a crucial election, not only for the future of France, but also for the future of Europe:

What are the driving forces behind France’s electoral volatility?

How will electoral volatility impact the balance of political power after the French presidential election?

Antoine Guery contributed to this piece.

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