Is Your Business Posting on Social Media but Getting Nowhere?

There’s more to social media than meets the eye, so dig into our social media guide.

Twitter is in talks to start a subscription service. Reddit made a clubhouse clone. Facebook just changed their newsfeed again. The world of social media is constantly evolving and it is difficult to keep up at times. This presentation will help your business strip back to the basics or if you haven’t even started, give you an insight into the many routes to nailing your social media strategy.

Let’s break down the term “social media.” It is ‘social’ therefore, the purpose of its use is defined by interaction. It’s not a newspaper, instead it’s more like handing out flyers out on the street. You want people to take those flyers, read them and buy into what you’re trying to communicate. Therefore, people exists at the core of every social media platform. Every market is oversaturated with content. Why should your stakeholders pay attention to you above everyone else?

This presentation will dive into the various ways you can improve your social media performance. It will take you through everything from posting content, advertising and reporting. There are many hidden elements to social media that when discovered, can put you and your business at the top. Feel free to download and share, and be sure to let me know what you think!

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