How I Create: Welcome to My Strategic Dreaming Process

At some point in your life, you’ve likely heard it, or even said it yourself:

“I am not the creative type like YOU.” 

That might be true in some occasions, but I would like to say that everyone can be creative in a collaborative environment. 

A great idea often comes from a true collaboration between creative planners and strategic dreamers.

Creative at APCO is seen as a source of inspiration and mindset; and my creative process at APCO is all about collaboration between planners and dreamers. I see a collaboration between planners and dreamers as very important to get to a place that’s both unusual and better. That is because a co-creation process allows dreamers to lead from time to time with different perspectives towards existing solutions. 

As an advocate for the importance of emotional value, I start with design research to better understand people’s micro-moments to provide creative solutions that last longer. Data gathered from research provides us with patterns, and ultimately gives great insights to validate why we do what we do. 

Then, I imagine how we can interact with them on an emotional level. It is a mandatory process for me to walk in a mile in potential audiences’ shoes. And then I move on to the building and testing phase, in order to rapidly think and improve upon ideas. 

One of the important roles of creative at APCO is to co-design a solution that creatively connects the client’s values with its audience’s needs. The creative solutions can range from a simple story that rethinks the conventional solution to a sophisticated immersive experience using AR, VR, Machine Learning and advanced user interface. 

We, the creative team at APCO, consistently try to find ways to co-design conventional wisdom and combine diverse viewpoints and insights to push the boundaries and produce work that has a greater impact.

I welcome everyone to join our strategic dreaming process.

For more on my creative process, watch the following video: