Health Companies can Drive a Hopeful Future

Two in three Americans (65%) believe health companies are making a positive impact on society, according to an APCO Insight poll*. This comes as a surprise, when the prevailing voices for health in the United States are fixated on the negative: high costs, limited access, dissatisfaction with service, and a broken system overall. We took a closer look to investigate this apparent contradiction and understand what – and who – is driving this hopeful view.

When asked, the majority of Americans identified companies working in health making a positive contribution to society across a variety of goals. These companies are making a difference by creating new products and services that improve health (80%), encouraging new ways to think about solving health challenges (79%) and working to make sure everyone has the care they need (76%).

Beyond what health companies are achieving collectively, Americans are identifying distinguished roles for each type of company individually. Specifically, Americans ascribe credit to pharmaceutical companies for creating new products, device manufacturers for encouraging new ways to solve challenges, and both hospitals and insurers for getting everyone the care they need.

Curiously, while Americans believe real change is coming in improving health (76%), there isn’t a clear standout on who is driving it among the gamut of actors in the health space – from hospitals, device makers, providers, researchers, pharma, insurers and beyond.

This evidence indicates that progress made across the entire sector is not made by a single actor. In other words, there’s a recognition of – and desire for – collaboration. Moreover, Americans are observing traditional health companies collaborating with unexpected partners (72%) as a way of making a positive contribution.

Health will always be of the utmost importance, and the challenges that face it are as broad as they are complex. It is the imperative and privilege of companies working in this space to generate health in new and effective ways.

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*These results are based on a poll of n=1,000 US adults conducted online between February 7-8, 2019.