APCO’s Reset Indicator: Comparing Public Attitudes Toward COVID-19 Around the World

The APCO Reset Indicator monitors global public attitudes and behaviors as the world responds to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The latest study in our series tracks views of Americans and adds perspectives from Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Singapore and India. Across these markets, we assess three core dimensions: where the public see themselves today, who is supporting (or supported) them during the pandemic and how they feel about the future.

According to the APCO Worldwide global poll of 900 adults, most believe they are still amidst the crisis or are soon returning to it. Yet, as individuals, they are generally optimistic about their standings, including mental and physical health, personal finances and privacy, while they are simultaneously expecting more from leadership of their elected officials, and national and global economies. Notably, the public in Asia tend to be more optimistic than those in Europe and the United States. Despite the lingering uncertainties, healthcare providers remain far more likely to be seen as doing the right things in all the markets of our study.

On the pandemic’s broader geopolitical impact, adults worldwide note public health, poverty, global trade and access to healthcare as areas of concern. We found that the worries extend to views on trust in information, crisis leadership and the global impact of the U.S. presidential election.

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