APCO Forum: Global Agenda Beyond COP26

From climate change to inclusive economic recovery plans, the past few months has seen the international community rally around the importance of addressing today’s most pressing issues. Heads of states, business, civil society and non-profit leaders and activists have all come together, whether at UNGA, COP26 or the World Bank/IMF Annual Meetings, to determine the main priorities that each industry must address in 2022.

This edition of APCO Forum is a discussion of highlights key themes from across industries and sectors to better understand and translate the momentum and action from COP26 and these other agenda-setting platforms. We examine how public and private sector organizations are mobilizing to address complex global issues and how they are translating the priorities on the global agenda – from future of work and skills, to equitable vaccine distribution and economic recovery to climate action to their operations, business strategy, advocacy and customer mobilization.


  • Anna Tunkel, Head of Global Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships, APCO Worldwide
  • Karin Reiter, Global Head of ESG/Sustainability, The Adecco Group
  • Amal Ridene, WEF Global Shaper and Investor Engagement Officer at AfricInvest Group
  • Moderated by John Defterios, Senior Advisor, APCO Worldwide

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