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Do you have what it takes to join the APCO+ team?

APCO+ is a team based in our global headquarters in Washington that is comprised entirely of entry-level professionals. As a member of APCO+ you’ll spend 18 months learning about the core facets of PR such as advertising, media relations, digital and social media, writing, research, design, new business and more. You’ll be encouraged to work on and across a variety of accounts and projects in all of our practice areas such as health care, crisis, public affairs and government relations to uncover your passions and carve out your career path.

What sets APCO+ apart is that a spirit of collaboration is at the center of our team. We believe that if one of us succeeds, we all succeed.

The program also includes:

  • One-on-one guidance about your career path at APCO
  • Access to mentors and global buddies to ensure you feel welcome and part of the global APCO family
  • Informal lunches and coffees with senior level executives to talk about their work and role at APCO
  • Weekly trainings on topics relevant to the industry
  • Quarterly retreats that provide in-depth attention to developing professional and interpersonal skills

We are constantly looking for smart, dynamic, curious and engaging college graduates to join our team. Think you have what it takes to join our team? Keep up with current listings on our careers page for Project Assistant openings with APCO+ in the headline and submit your application. And remember, the best candidates are well-informed. Keep up with APCO on our blog and on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

APCO+ Experiences

“APCO+ is an incredible, limitless opportunity to build your career and practice alongside smart, hardworking people who have a true passion for what they do, all while working with mentors who truly care about you and want to help you excel.”

“The best thing about APCO+ is the dynamic – we are all very much a part of the same team. It’s encouraging to work among a group of people who are all rooting for the others’ successes.”

“APCO+ has given me the confidence I need to succeed in the workplace by providing an encouraging environment, teaching me how to grow and develop my PR skillset and enabling me to work with some of the smartest and friendliest people in the industry.”

“APCO+ has defined my positive first job experience. The resources we are exposed to, camaraderie we create with each other and support we receive from our managers is unlike any other junior-level program I’ve seen.”

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