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APCO Worldwide’s crisis management and litigation communication practice works with corporate, nonprofit and public-sector clients to create and execute strategies that protect an organization’s long-term reputation and core objectives when confronted by acute legal and reputational challenges.

Our experts have deep experience managing complex business issues that can involve legal, regulatory, public policy and media flash points. We have developed industry-leading products and protocols that enable executive teams to develop sound strategies and deliver clear and effective communications to critical stakeholders – including the media, regulators, business partners, shareholders, advocacy groups, employees and the financial markets.

The PROspective process for crisis and litigation communication.

PROspective modelAPCO’s unique approach to crisis and litigation – the PROspective (Predictive Risk & Opportunity) crisis management and preparation process – empowers executives to quickly address difficult challenges through informed, timely decision-making. PROspective provides an actionable road map to mitigate reputational harm through strategic communication and stakeholder engagement.

PROspective is built upon a recognition that stakeholders in today’s communication environment are interacting constantly, influencing one another and gathering information from multiple sources, including online and on social media.

The process consists of a suite of stakeholder and scenario analysis tools that drive toward a direct-to-stakeholder engagement strategy, which then guides the implementation of a coordinated outreach and response plan.

APCO’s crisis and litigation team will be your partner at each step, starting with initial research and development of the plan all the way through the execution and implementation, providing strategic guidance, research, media, social media and stakeholder communication support, monitoring, website and infographics development, and access to APCO’s global network of experts.

Crisis management.

APCO provides support during a crisis using PROspective by:

  • helping with immediate management of existing needs to quickly stabilize the situation
  • conducting rapid situation analysis and fact-gathering
  • developing an informed, stakeholder-focused rapid response strategy
  • creating smart, strategic messaging and materials for delivery through a variety of channels
  • delivering ongoing strategic counsel and support for the implementation of the plan
  • providing real-time media and social media monitoring, intelligence, and analysis
  • engaging subject matter and communication channel experts for guidance and support
  • providing trained staff to help with the influx of demands on key roles during an acute event

Litigation communication

APCO provides support during enterprise-threatening litigation using PROspective by:

  • aligning communication with the legal strategy through close coordination with in-house and outside legal counsel
  • developing messaging relevant throughout the course of litigation
  • maintaining strict message control in all communication and through all channels
  • media training spokespeople and senior management
  • providing a spokesperson who can be a buffer between the organization and reporters
  • staffing critical litigation events
  • producing materials on tight deadlines
  • maintaining internal and external confidentiality

Crisis preparation

Crisis Preparation

APCO helps organizations develop effective, usable crisis communication plans, as well as forward-looking risk mitigation systems in the areas where the organization is most likely to face an issue in the near and intermediate future. Collectively, these efforts are designed to reduce both the likelihood and impact of a major, disruptive reputational event.

The PROspective crisis preparation process helps organizations establish an effective system for issue and crisis monitoring, mitigation and management by:

  • conducting an in-depth analysis of the organization’s structure, capabilities, business goals, and major stakeholders
  • building issue identification and management processes tailored to the organization’s strengths and weaknesses, building on existing plans and/or processes
  • creating an actionable crisis plan that is easy-to-use in the midst of an unfolding crisis
  • developing specific scenario plans and materials around issues an organization is most likely to face

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