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APCO frequently advises political leaders, CEOs and high profile individuals, helping them successfully navigate reputational challenges, investment opportunities, crises and complex geopolitical issues.

Our team of senior consultants combine the disciplines of strategic communications and stakeholder engagement, public affairs and media relations, research and intelligence gathering, litigation and crisis management, as well as business management and intermediation.

We work at the highest echelons of the public and private sectors, leveraging our global expertise to provide bespoke solutions that help our clients succeed.

Service offerings.

Government Advisory

We train governments and government agencies to navigate today’s complex geopolitical landscape and help shape perceptions of their respective countries on the international stage. Our diverse team of consultants has unparalleled experience in devising and executing a variety of strategies that build trust, understanding and support among key audiences.

Leadership Positioning & Profiling

We help influential political, business and NGO leaders to build and protect their reputation. We have a track record of running high-profile roadshows and positioning campaigns for leaders of multilateral organizations and national governments. Our integrated approach combines high-level meetings, speaking opportunities, traditional and social media support, as well as grassroots engagement.

FDI & Trade Promotion

We help cities, states, provinces, regions and national governments to identify their distinctive strengths. We understand what drives corporate decision-making and devise strategies to position their market as an attractive destination for FDI while communicating their offer effectively to decision-makers who matter most. We also help them position their unique industry’s strength to drive increased trade with key global markets.

Nation & City Branding

A brand is something greater than the place it represents. It is an entire world of associations, images and feelings that arise spontaneously when the brand’s name is mentioned. These associations are emotional and represent a promise which–when delivered–make for a very strong brand. APCO works to uncover and communicate a country or city’s unique brand DNA which encapsulates its identity and promise. We then work to ensure that the brand is understood and communicated effectively with one voice nationally and internationally with a clear purpose.

Litigation & Dispute Support

We are a leading provider of strategic communications support for law firms and their clients around complex disputes. We manage the external environment around disputes by executing comprehensive strategies that protect our clients’ reputation and support the objectives and strategy of legal counsel. Our team of lawyers, media specialists, data analysts, digital experts and political consultants has unparalleled experience of supporting both clients and giving counsel around some of the largest cases in history while always operating under the highest standards of discretion and confidentiality.

Transactional & Investment Advocacy

The success of strategic deals often depends on the ability to navigate the geopolitical environment. Government-to-government agreements, local sentiment and competing national interests all determine how a deal can be structured, approved and secured for the long-term. We help our clients identify the geopolitical considerations for any deal while managing stakeholder dynamics and communicating the value of the deal to targeted audiences, bringing it to successful closure.

Crisis & Issues Management

Our clients trust us to help them when reputations, businesses and investments are critically threatened. Our experienced team of crisis consultants has devised proactive and reactive communications strategies which have guided high-profile individuals, governments and corporations out of highly sensitive and volatile environments with minimal impact.

Philanthropic Positioning

We have extensive experience setting up and raising the profile of international foundations and charities. We build on research and insights to develop compelling messages, build coalitions of supporters and lead global campaigns.

Political Insight Gathering

We leverage our strategic interpersonal network within global influential public policy centers to identify decision-maker frameworks, regulatory shifts and legislative discourse. Equipped with key insights, we provide strategic counsel and tailored guidance for institutional leadership to execute proper decision-making with minimal risk.

Embassy Communications

We support embassies and ambassadors to effectively build and protect the reputation of their countries in relevant markets. We guide their communication efforts and help them build first-class press offices. Thanks to our experience and network of former ambassadors, we are positioned to help new and experienced diplomats to navigate political landscapes while developing meaningful networks.

Case studies.

Ukraine achieves historic debt refinancing.

Gujarat attracts billions of dollars of investment; creates thousands of new jobs.

Putting the government of Sharjah on the map for communications effectiveness.

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APCO’s International Advisory Council consists of individuals who understand the complex issues clients face because they have encountered similar opportunities and challenges — and successfully conquered them — in their own careers.

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