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Cyber Protection & Reputation


Cyber criminals are on the move with constantly evolving, sophisticated and growing attacks.

APCO fights back with a 360-degree approach that partners with you where and how you need it – communication and messaging, policy and analysis, forensics and overall strategy. You can work with our full team or supplement your own.

The cyber pandemic is spreading in the age of remote work. Businesses of all sizes, the corporate community, government agencies and colleges and universities are vulnerable when defenses are lower. Damaged reputations, unhappy stakeholders, millions of dollars and disrupted operations are all on the line.

The APCO cyber coalition can help strengthen your protections, manage every stage of an incident, rehabilitate your reputation and stay ahead of the ever-changing cyber curve.

Our 360 degree approach provides the technical, communications and policy expertise you need

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We tackle your immediate crisis and protect your long-term reputation

Case Studies

  • Hackers targeting a leading healthcare system accessed the health records of more than 2.5 million patients after gaining permissions to a database temporarily in possession of two third-party vendors.

    APCO was retained by the provider to help it mitigate reputational damage by working with law enforcement authorities and regulators to investigate the breach, support impacted partners and protect patients from start to finish.

  • On Christmas Eve, a Russian criminal syndicate launched a ransomware attack on a Fortune 500 company. The gang locked up the firm’s critical data and demanded $6 million in exchange for not releasing the information onto the Dark Web.

    APCO was retained over the holiday to navigate the company through the legal, reputational and media challenges posed by the hack and the criminals’ demands. This included APCO auditing the company’s compromised information; developing a media strategy for the various scenarios associated with the attack; and putting in place active and reactive messaging for the company.

  • An Indian hack-for-hire company targeted a businessman who was engaged in a business dispute with a foreign government. The stolen – and manipulated – data was then used to launch a lawsuit charging the man with fraud.

    APCO partnered with the businessman’s communications and legal teams to audit the stolen data and anticipate how the information would be used in court. APCO also set up a media strategy to counter a smear campaign launched by the government using the pilfered information.

More than ever before, organizations are judged today by how they plan for, respond to and manage crises and risk. For information on APCO Worldwide’s Crisis and Litigation capabilities, click here.