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Becoming a truly agile company requires an honest assessment, a plan of action and a commitment to perpetual evolution. APCO guides you through every phase with tools, expertise, resources and decades of experience to ensure you stay curious and stay ahead.

Case Studies



APCO worked with BD, social media influencers and local health clinics to create a pilot campaign to increase awareness of the risks of chlamydia and available testing services, resulting in a significant increase in testing.


Papal Visit to the UAE

The UAE government engaged APCO to handle communication and media surrounding the Pope's historic visit to the UAE.



Danfoss Redefines its Reputation in North America


  • APCO helps clients navigate strategic change by creating a strong message and value proposition and taking a 360° approach to the stakeholder, media and policy environment and obstacles to success.

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  • Our public affairs heritage is at the core of our work to help clients build relationships and make strong connections with critical stakeholders and the public to bring about meaningful impact for business and society.

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  • We help our clients tell their stories to the audiences that matter most to their success, developing their stories and strengths along the way.

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  • Our creative and advertising teams infuse our work and programming with unique, creative thinking - the kind that makes our clients less predictable and helps them break through the clutter.

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  • At the heart of our crisis & litigation process is an actionable road map to navigate crises and mitigate reputational risks through strategic communication and stakeholder engagement.

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  • APCO's Digital team works to enhance your impact and protect your brand through this powerful platform that amplifies messages immediately and globally in a targeted way.

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  • APCO is a trusted advisor and strategic partner to the Fortune 500 C-Suite and many of the world’s largest and most influential companies, who hire us to help them understand and successfully navigate complex policy issues and the current political environment.

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  • We build comprehensive strategies to ensure that employees have the information—and the inspiration—they need to deliver business outcomes and become ambassadors for their organizations.

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  • Issues & reputation management is about more than monitoring the news, it takes active engagement with stakeholders to stay ahead of trends, navigate regulatory environments and take action that strengthens sentiment and trust with those that matter most.

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  • Achieving merger and competition success is becoming harder in a politicized world. Discerning clients hire APCO to help them manage the complex reality that is inevitably a part of today’s merger and competition reviews.

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  • Reach new audiences and effectively drive interest in and sales for your business and products through a studying, identifying and targeting new audiences.

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  • Our Media Relations team creates impactful communications that reflect your narrative and reach multiple audiences in mainstream, regional, local and industry-specific media outlets.

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  • APCO Insight is a leading global research, analytics and measurement consultancy. We bring an audience-centric, data-driven approach to reputation management, brand communication, issue and crisis management, and thought leadership for a diverse set of clients.

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  • APCO works hand-in-hand with clients in business and society to advance progress on a host of issues, from climate and environment to global health and social justice.

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sector 0

Energy and Clean Tech

Our global Energy & Clean Tech team knows how to navigate the competitive, fast-paced energy marketplace and how to work with the diverse stakeholders who influence its growth.

sector 1


Our global team has a deep understanding of the financial industry and financial markets audiences and media. We help clients articulate value, move strategies forward and navigate a complex stakeholder, issue and policy landscape.

sector 2

Food, Consumer Products & Retail

We help market leaders to position their businesses on sustainability and health and nutrition issues; engage on trade and standards issues; manage labor issues; launch new products and enter new markets; and anticipate stakeholder responses to products prior to launch.

sector 3


We bring the depth of all areas of APCO's expertise to bear for clients from sovereign governments to municipalities, helping them manage crises, seek business investment, promote travel and tourism, improve reputations and more.

sector 4


With seasoned experts from every part of the health sector, our depth of experience ensures we deliver insights and programs for clients that resonate with stakeholders and create impact.

sector 5

Learning & Education

Learners and learning providers will feel the profound impact of the coronavirus pandemic for decades. APCO's global Learning & Education team is helping organizations ranging from traditional education institutions to pioneering Edtech providers to navigate and thrive in this fast-changing, unpredictable landscape.

sector 6


APCO understands the convergence of corporate reputation, public policy and product communications, enabling the delivery of integrated campaigns that support technology adoption and disruptive innovation.

sector 7


The transportation sector is essential to moving people, strengthening economies and fulfilling supply chains across the globe. With vast investments in infrastructure underway, businesses in transportation must meet the call to help in creating a borderless, interconnected world.


tool 0

Geo-Commerce Solutions

Geo-commerce Solutions is a set of strategic advisory tools to support clients as they navigate the challenges of competing interests around the world.

tool 1

Strategic Partnerships & Global Engagement

APCO provides clients with our expertise in global and cross-sectoral connectivity and ability to catalyze progress on impact-multiplying partnerships that help deliver on business and societal agendas.

tool 2

APCO Insight

APCO Insight is the full-service global opinion research and strategy development consultancy at APCO Worldwide.

tool 3


Amplify is a cross-channel team of client leaders, strategists, planners, buyers and data specialists. Our focus on influencer advertising allows us to create more effective, integrate, and efficient campaigns.

tool 4

APCO Global Solutions

APCO Global Solutions advises political leaders, CEOs and high profile individuals, helping them successfully navigate reputational challenges, investment opportunities, crises and complex geopolitical issues.

tool 5


APCO’s digital crisis simulation combines a virtual crisis role-playing game, which tests users’ crisis response capabilities, with advanced analytics and expert analysis to allow executives to better understand how the organization will respond during a crisis.

tool 6

ai comms lab

APCO's AI Comms Lab helps clients navigate the disruption and opportunities presented by advanced artificial intelligence technologies.

tool 7


A propriety model for influencer mapping and engagement to help clients enhance their understanding of the issues and opportunities impacting their business outcomes.

tool 8

sonar & campfire

Sonar and Campfire are first-ever tools to fuse together digital data and opinion research to create a full picture of what people are thinking, saying and doing.

tool 9

emergency response

A team of highly-trained professionals who are on call and able to activate within 60 minutes to respond to material crises such as spills, derailments, fires, mine emergencies, crashes or hurricanes.

tool 10


An enhanced listening and risk analysis process that empowersexecutives to quickly addresschallenges through informed, timely decision-making to remain in controland limit surprises during times of crisis.

tool 11

return on reputation

A research model that quantifies a company’s reputation impact on critical business outcomes and helps communicators optimize their reputation management programs.

tool 12


TradeMarks is a research study which measures the extent to which policy leaders believe associations are effective in achieving their policy goals.

tool 13

Champion Brand

A proprietary methodology for helping brands authentically engage stakeholders to build long-term support and sustainability.

tool 14

Agility EdgeSM

A partnership that allows clients to quantitatively assess agility across several dimensions and a robust set of underlying core attributes and leverage holistic solutions to address gaps in performance.