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The digital revolution has changed how the public consumes information today, opening the doors for dynamic and fast-paced stakeholder interactions. That is why APCO believes that digital and social media are indistinguishable from traditional communications. With its robust opportunities, both reputations and bottom lines depend on a strategic, high-impact digital presence.
Audiences are our guide. APCO is tapped into the prevailing trends in the digital space, allowing us to connect authentically with targeted audiences and influencers, and we use interactive, visual and evocative storytelling to keep these audiences engaged.

We are digitally driven experts that apply big data analytics to shape social media and digital business strategy. We use it to identify topics our clients can own, help refine messaging and identify opportunities for increased engagement among key influencers. With data and creativity on our side, we’re able to extend the reach and impact of our clients’ messages online and beyond. 

Areas of expertise: Amplification, influencers, data anthropology, listening, community management, targeting, employee advocacy, web development.

Proprietary Tools


APCO’s propriety influencer intelligence process.

AI Comms Lab

APCO’s AI Comms Lab helps clients navigate the disruption and opportunities presented by advanced artificial intelligence technologies.

Sonar and Campfire

Sonar and Campfire are first-ever tools to fuse together digital data and opinion research to create a full picture of what people are thinking, saying and doing.

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