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Growing EU Green Deal Tensions Reach the Chemicals Industry

Over the last few months, an unprecedented level of industry and public feedback was submitted to the ECHA—a clear signal that the PFAS restriction proposal may have impacts far broader than expected...
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The Digital Cold War: Predictive AI's Disruptive Role in Geopolitics

Exponential advancements in predictive artificial intelligence, including large language models such as GPT, Claude, Bard and Llama, are leading to a significant shift in geopolitical engagement methods. Sovereign states, non-governmental entities, businesses and individuals are engaging in a digital race, creating strategies to successfully navigate the evolving landscape and protect their interests. A suspected influence campaign, recently revealed by technology giant Google's Mandiant, showcases these developing dynamics...
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The G20’s IMEC Initiative: An Alternative Trade Corridor to China’s Belt and Road Initiative

The recent G20 summit in New Delhi witnessed the launch of a $20 billion India-Middle East-Europe Corridor (IMEC), an ambitious multi-pronged network aiming to connect goods and services between Europe and Asia—via the Middle East—more sustainably and efficiently...
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