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Gen Z to Corporate Leaders: Your ESG Strategy Needs a Glow Up

As both ESG and Gen Z become increasingly important elements of organizational strategy, and as Gen Z’s views also influence other generations, it’s essential that leaders thoughtfully consider where these two intersect...
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Women’s History Month: Reflections from APCO’s Women’s Leadership Employee Resource Group on Being Women in the Workplace

This March, as we celebrate Women’s History Month across the United States, APCO’s Women’s Leadership Employee Resource Group (WLG) leadership team took the opportunity to reflect and share their experiences as a woman in the workplace, and how they envision a better future for women at work...
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China’s 2023 Two Sessions: Engineering a Stable Recovery

Crackdowns on business have left Chinese entrepreneurs weary and wary. The perception of foreign business in China serving as a bridge between the world is shifting dramatically. Here's what multinationals need to know...
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