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APCO’s Commitment to Fighting Systemic Racism

APCO is committed to being a force for meaningful, sustained change in the world. In an effort to fight systemic racism and advance inclusivity and equity within and beyond our organization, we expanded our established D&I efforts, including: proactive employee learning and ally development; local community collaborations; equity of opportunities in hiring at all levels; and convening change-makers, along with our clients, to forge solutions—efforts to accelerate what’s right.

These activities support our immediate and ongoing commitments:

  1. We will continue to add more diversity to our leadership teams and our board of directors.
  2. We will drive continually for pay equity and parity.
  3. We will include diversity and inclusion goals for our senior leaders in North America, and individual contribution will be part of compensation decisions. Annual performance reviews for all North America employees will include D&I Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that measure individual contribution and be factored into career advancement.
  4. The North America Leadership Team will develop annual goals and plans to advance our commitments.
  5. Our talent pipeline in North America will be at least 50 percent diverse, and we will extend our recruitment efforts to more diverse and historically Black colleges, universities, community colleges and professional associations that attract a variety of diverse talent and backgrounds.
  6. We will implement community engagement programs that address systemic inequalities.
  7. We will roll out training for all employees on anti-racism efforts, the history of structural racism, unconscious bias, addressing microaggressions and more.
  8. All employees will commit to and sign an inclusivity contract.
  9. We will include inclusivity principles in our client contracts, marketing materials and proposals.
  10. We will ask our clients to join our efforts and guide them to be more inclusive in their own activations.

We will measure our progress, be honest about our shortcomings, commit to sustainable action and hold each other accountable through regular reporting to our Board; consistent communications to staff, including  semiannual regional discussions; clearly defined measures of success for senior leaders and more.

As communicators and consultants, the work we do has a direct and significant impact on society and how people see and treat themselves and others. We have a duty to be an ally and work to explicitly integrate inclusion and equity into the ethos of our everyday work. We will take actions that have meaningful consequences and partner with our clients to further inclusivity and equity, by operating with intent.

APCO Board of Directors resolution passed June 17, 2020

The Board overwhelmingly supports, embraces and will hold accountable the outstanding efforts for change driving fairness and a level playing field for all people and we will continue to add racial diversity to our team from the top down.

Where APCO Stands Today (North America)

It is long past time to take meaningful action to root out systemic racism and injustice in America. Earlier this year, APCO Worldwide’s global and North America leadership reaffirmed its commitment to help to create a more equitable society, where—together—we challenge the confines of history and shatter the societal norms that have fueled a system that works hard for some, but was designed to fail for far too many.

APCO has a deep heritage of diversity, equity, inclusivity and bringing people together for change. We at APCO are proud of our core values we put forth and live through our work and daily lives—boldness, inclusivity, curiosity and empathy.

More than 30 percent of APCO’s North America leadership are people of color. Additionally, approximately 21 percent of senior-level, 30 percent of mid-level and 46 percent of junior-level APCO employees in North America are people of color. A detailed breakdown of the overall composition of APCO staff in the region by race is available in the following graphics.

While pleased with the progress we have made, we know there is so much more to do to create true systemic change. We are committed to doing more.



The APCO data above is as of end of Q1 2020.