APCO Worldwide at the Chelsea Flower Show

The APCO Garden at Chelsea

Throughout history, gardens have been the setting for discussion and decision-making. The APCO garden celebrates this role with an outdoor space designed for contemplation and communication. Inspired by the villas of the Italian Renaissance, the garden provides an intimate setting for the development and exchange of ideas.

The boundaries of recycled Italian stone and evergreen hedging create a quiet meeting place. The different uses of water serve as metaphors for contemplation and conversational flow. The raised planting enhances the overall sense of seclusion, and corner seating provides a place for relaxation and dialogue.

About the Gardeners

Willmott Whyte is a leading garden design company set up by award-winning designers Ruth Willmott and Frederic Whyte. Both studied Garden Design at The English Gardening School, Chelsea. They offer garden and planting design services to clients with properties in the UK and Italy. Willmott Whyte works on a variety of projects in urban and country settings. Their style of design work is described as well structured, timeless and elegant, drawing inspiration from historic garden design principles and contemporary planting styles. For more information about Willmott Whyte, please visit www.willmottwhyte.com.

The Plants

Acer griseum (AGM)
Asarum europaeum (AGM)
Athyrium filix-femina 'Minutissimum'
Polystichum setiferum (Divisilobum Group) 'Herrenhausen'
Polypodium vulgare
Digitalis ‘Goldcrest’
Digitalis obscura
Digitalis parviflora’ Milk Chocolate’
Digitalis 'Spice Island'
Deschampsia cespitosa 'Pixie Fountain'

Epimedium x warleyense 'Orangekonigen'
Geum 'Beech House Apricot'
Geum ‘Coppertone’
Geum ‘Hilltop Beacon’
Geum ‘Hannay’s’
Geum ‘Marmalade’
Hakonachloa macra
Roscoea humeana cream flowered
Thuja occidentalis ‘Smaragd’ (AGM)
Tiarella wherryi 'Green Velvet'